Friday, November 25, 2011


So I haven't posted in a few weeks and I like to think that's because nothing much has happened. The truth however is the lack of progress I've made. I have been working out almost every morning but haven't been eating like I should. They (whoever "They" is) say weight loss is 70% what you eat. Well I've been putting 30% in I guess. I  currently weigh 251lb.
I missed the Fowl Fun Run this year as I really been running much. I have been traveling a lot for work and just haven't been getting my cardio in.  Thats no excuse tho. I just need to buck up and go run.
Last Sunday morning I went for a ride. I wasn't so sure about going but it was awesome. I'm glad I decided to go. It was clear sky and 29 degrees out (thats -2C for you Aussies). Its was nothing special, no Downhill, no cool trails, but it was so fresh out. Everything was frosty and the frozen leaves cracked under my tires. It was one of those times where you don't want to be anywhere but right in that moment. That simple 5 mile ride reminded me of why I am doing this and to enjoy the process as well as the destination.
So yesterday was Thanksgiving. A holiday synonymous with unhealthy eating and sitting on the couch watching Football. Well, the Football happened, so did the eating, yet a little restrained this year but something else was added.
Skagit Running Club has a tradition of a fun run on Thanksgiving morning. This year we joined them. Melissa and Eliza did the 2 mile and Mom, Dad and I ran the 10k, which ended up being 5.6 miles. A good run nonetheless. It was really a great way to start the day.
So here is to starting over. I'm gonna work on eating better and it should help kick this into top gear.
Catch ya on the trails

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 3

Weight: 253lb even
Bench: 205lb
Leg press: 300lb

This week has been a good week in the gym. Just 2 weeks in and my weight training is making some improvement. It’s great to feel myself getting stronger and feeling my arms and chest getting a little bigger. On Monday I joined Anytime Fitness for 2 years and I’m determined to use it and not become one of those who has an unused membership. If that is you, go to the gym this week. It’s great.
This week has had its challenges tho. Two trips to Billings Montana for work has left my diet lacking. I think this is truly my health weakness. Eating out. It is so hard to make the right decisions when the company is paying for whatever you want. I think it will take some more effort on my part… Also not having the gym and forgetting my running gear is going to hurt the weigh in this week also. I guess it’s gonna be a learning curve working this new lifestyle out.
It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m yet to swing a leg over my bike. I want it to be a part of my training and I’m dying for a ride. The early sunset is hurting that progress and I hope to get at least a short Cross Country loop in this weekend. It would be nice if God eases up on the rain or else I’m gonna go play in the mud. If anyone is keen on getting a little muddy this weekend, let me know. It’ll probably be a loop of whistle lake or something
Catch ya on the trails.