Friday, December 16, 2011

Stronger: Check. About those other two...

On Sunday I went for a XC ride with Andrew Teijen out at Whistle Lake. It was the first time my tires have seen the dirt since I started this Blog. Its been way to long.
It was a great ride. A technical rooty and rocky ride around the lake. Well supposed to be around the lake. A right turn instead of a left had us wondering where we were. Made it back safe tho.
The ride made me realize a few things. Firstly I need to ride out in the dirt more. My skills have gotten a little rusty and it is so much fun. Secondly, I am so out of shape. The Whistle lake trail system is fairly flat but has a lot of quick ups and downs and I just couldn't seem to catch my breath. Andrew and I rode out there about a year ago and it feels like it was so much easier then. I guess I had just ran 2 half marathons and was 15lbs lighter.
I have been lifting a lot of weights and getting a lot stronger. Yesterday morning I leg pressed 400lbs and benched 225lbs. The bench is back to my max I had a few years ago which feels good and the Press is a new best.
While I am getting stronger I haven't lost any weight in about a month. I am still hovering in the low 250's and nothing is changing. I need to do more Cardio. I know I have said that before but things need to change. So I think I'll modify my plan of attack. I found the Birch Bay Half marathon. It is happening on Feb 19th which is 9 weeks away. I think I'm gonna try and do that. I need to get my butt into gear and a goal will help that.
Well, that has been the last few weeks. If anyone is keen for a ride or a run, hit me up and we can shred it in the mud.
Catch ya on the trails.

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