Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So here we go!!!

So I am 30 and not real happy with life right now. I have a beautiful amazing wife, Melissa, and the most precious little girl, Eliza. I have a good job, nice home and a good church, but something is missing.I can't help but wonder if this is how I'd see myself at 30. Back when I was 15 and 30 seemed old, is this who I thought I'd see? Am I who I want to be?
So this got me thinking about change. All my life I have been someone who can talk the talk but can I walk the walk? Not usually, but Today Is That Day!!!
So here is the plan. Over the next year I plan to work out more, eat better, live more intentionally and YOU can hold me responsible. So how do I do this?
Step 1 is a gym membership. I loved it when I had the last one. There is something about lifting heavy things.
Step 2 is eating better. Jack in the Box, I love you but its time to move on. Its not you, Its me.
Step 3 is to find a race of some sort to work towards. A marathon is cool but too much running. I love to ride so maybe a enduro MTB race. I need something as a goal that will challenge me.
Step 4 is having goals. This morning I weighed 256.4lb and I am 6"2. I would like to be 220lb and be able to bench and squat well over my body weight. I would like my blood pressure to be under 120/80 and to not be puffed running to the mailbox. I would also like to live in the moment. Enjoy living my life and not just working for the future.
Well, enough from me now. I'll try to post weekly and hopefully have plenty to talk about.
Catch you on the trails

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