Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So first week in and it has brought back memories. The ache of muscles rebuilding the day after a good workout. Your lungs burning during a run on a 40 degree morning. (4*C for you Aussies). The high after that run. The realization of just how hard this is going to be. Then the not so great memories of how I got to this point in the first place. Did you know Hungry Jacks (Burger King in Australia) used to have a family meal consisting of 2 Whoppers, 2 Cheeseburgers, 4 fries and 4 drinks for $9.95? That was a Saturday night meal for me on a regular occasion when I was a teenager. Yeah the Whole thing. Who does that?
So it was last Tuesday I started this Blog/Change. I knew all along it is going to be a challenge. My self control is lacking at the best of times and with food and getting up to exercise it is even harder. I am seeing now the struggle this time is going to be fitting everything into 24 hours. Work, seeing the girls, school and a workout. Its going to take some effort.

This week I got a 2 week trial at Anytime Fitness in Mount Vernon and it looks like a great place. I'll probably join it next week. The benefit of this place is the ability to work out whenever I like. You get an electronic key for the place and its available 24hrs.
On top of going to the Gym, I plan on running and riding outside. I don't really enjoy the treadmill but may have to use it also. It is fall in Washington. I am pretty sure I am going to run the Fowl Fun Run on the 12th of November. So if you are in MV, come on out. I am going to try the 10k but there is a 2 mile also. Looking forward to the sweet feeling of accomplishment and the even sweeter pumpkin pie at the finish line.
Lastly, I think I have found some races for next summer. First is the Seattle Rock n Roll half Marathon. I did this last year (2010) but they are using a different course next year. Its such a fun event. They have a band almost every mile and I think there's 25+ thousand people in it.
Second is a Mountain Bike race series around Washington called the Indie series. There are 5 races and they have a Clydesdale class for us guys above 200lbs. It looks like a fun series and since taking up the sport 4 years ago I haven't raced yet. Should be a good challenge.
Oh yeah, a weight update. Last week was 256.4lb, This morning 254.2lb. A start in the right direction.
That's it for this week,
Catch ya on the trails

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